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Sending a daily task list

If you'd like to send yourself a daily task list (for instance, as an early morning reminder), here's a helpful little VA to do that for you.

First, download the attached Task Mailer VA.txt file. Go to your Virtual Attendant area (click on your name in the top right, then click on Virtual Attendants) and import the contents of the downloaded file. To import the VA, click on Create Behavior, then select the import tab and paste the contents there, then save it.

You may want to change the From address, so click on the bubble that says "Send task summary to email" and set the From address, if desired.

To schedule this behavior, go to your profile (click your name, click My Profile), and then click on the Virtual Attendant dropdown under your picture (top left). Select the "Send today's task reminders to email" VA, enter "tomorrow 8am" as the time when the behavior should happen, and select repeat "every" 24 hours.

That should be it for a task reminder, but you can use the same concepts shown in this sample VA to send periodic lists of overdue tickets, upcoming sales opportunities, etc.

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