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Switching GitHub repositories from Cerb5 to Cerb6


We maintain two separate code repositories on GitHub for Cerb5 and Cerb6. Before upgrading to the latest versions of 6.x, you should ensure that you're pulling updates from the proper repository.


First, change to the directory on your server where you've installed Cerb:

cd /path/to/cerb6

Now pull up a verbose listing of your remote repositories:

git remote -v

You should see output like this:

origin (fetch)
origin (push)

If you see wgm/cerb5.git then you need to switch to the wgm/cerb6.git repository.

Remove the current remote by name (if you're using a name other than origin then substitute that here):

git remote rm origin

Add a new remote that points to the Cerb6 repository:

git remote add origin git://

Pull the latest information from the repository:

git fetch origin

If desired, you can also upgrade to the latest stable release by switching branches:

git checkout -m stable

See the manual for more information about upgrading to new versions of Cerb.

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